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July 10, 2012
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Here at Online-Jobs.Ph, we help competent and aspiring Filipinos find a reliable online job working for an American, British or Australian company.

With the steady growth in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines, those who choose to have an online career working from home have also increased dramatically. Many Filipinos have regular home based jobs helping companies and individual web business owners accomplish many tasks that can be done on the computer over the Internet.

Many Filipinos have great potential in this line of work. They are good in spoken and written English, hard working and with good work ethics – great attributes that companies are looking for. However, since online jobs is a very new concept in the Philippines, many of these qualified people don’t know where to start.

Here is where we come in.

We have partnered with many online entrepreneurs and companies who are looking for people just like you to hire for a permanent and full time online job where you can start earning a living, without you leaving your home.

If you have good English skills  and know how to work on a computer over the Internet but lack the specific skills and knowledge for online work, we can help you.

We provide training and coaching so you will be fully prepared to be hired and take on your first job online.

Many Filipinos leave their families just to work in another country. With an online job, you can be earning dollars without leaving your family and home; now that is something to be excited about.


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